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To pay parking tickets go to :

If your vehicle is booted you may not pay your fines online. They must be done in person at the parking office.

NO 1/2 hour discounts available with online payments

  • Your parking fines may be paid using the form below. For each transaction, there is a $2.00 non-refundable service charge. Please make sure you are entering all the information correctly and that the ticket is not past due or paid already.
  • You can only pay for one ticket at a time using the form below.
  • The amount of your fine may increase over time. Follow the chart below. After 20 days of non-payment, a citation will be filed for your ticket at the Magistrate’s office and you will no longer be able to pay at the police department.
  • Inaccurate or incomplete information can result in your fine NOT being processed, and you may be subject to additional fees. You will receive a confirmation of payment in your email. Make sure you enter it correctly.
  • Enter your billing address and ZIP CODE THAT YOUR BANK HAS ON FILE FOR YOU.
Payments must be made according to the chart below or the payment will be rejected.
Original Ticket Amount
Amount Due Day 1 (Date Ticket Issued) to Day 10
Amount Due Day 11-20
All ticket payments made online will be charged a non-refundable $2.00 handling fee. The billing address must match what your bank has on file or payment will be rejected. Please put in the correct zip code your bank has on file.


If you have concerns about a parking ticket that you received, you will need to contact the Parking Enforcement office within 48 hours of the issuance of the ticket. 

Office number:  (570) 784-6779, Press 1 for Parking.


Parking meters in the downtown area are enforced 10 AM to 5 PM – MONDAY – SATURDAY.

There is a 2-hour parking limit at the metered spaces on Main Street from East Street to West Street, including Market Square.
– NO PARKING on Main Street (including Market Square) between the hours of 2 AM-5 AM every day.
– Head In Parking Only at our meters. Do not back your vehicle into any of the parking stalls.

Please note that Pennsylvania Vehicle Code Violations will be strictly enforced at all times

Tickets are to be paid within 10 days from the date of issue. Failure to do so will result in additional costs.

After 20 days from the date of issue, the ticket will go into a citation at District Magistrate Lawton’s office (570) 784-1868.

Once the ticket has gone into a citation, the fines increase.  Once you receive a citation you can request a hearing.  Be advised there will be court costs associated with this hearing if you are found guilty.

The Bloomsburg Police Department will accept cash (not preferred), checks, money orders, certified checks, and credit cards for payment of fines and fees.

No coin currency will be accepted for fines greater than $5.00

We do not ticket for Expired Meter tickets and Street Maintenance on the following holidays:

New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day,  All President’s Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day,  Independence Day,  Labor Day,  Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve &  Christmas Day.

For all other holidays we will be ticketing.  We ticket for any Pennsylvania Vehicle Code Violations on holidays.  (Listed above)


The Bloomsburg Police Department will enforce private parking areas, which regulate parking to tenants and employees or their guests. Bloomsburg Police and parking enforcement officers will respond to these complaints and ticket those vehicles parking on ‘private property.”

Private property owners must provide the department a list of vehicles illegally parked on their lots or send a designated person to meet police and identify the vehicles illegally parked on private property. Police do not patrol private lots in search of private property violations.

The property owners should be advised that if a ticket is issued in “error”, the property owner is responsible to pay the costs of the ticket.

An “error” is generally observed when the property owner permitted a vehicle to be parked on the private lot & the vehicle’s owner was authorized to park there but was identified as a vehicle in violation and ticketed.


Town Parking Permits are available for persons living or working in the Downtown Area.  

Downtown Residents must show proof of residency, their vehicle registration, and Photo ID at the time of purchase. Students must be present to get their permits. Only one permit is issued per person.

Employees working in the downtown area must bring in their vehicle registration and ID.

  • Downtown Parking permits are sold as ZONES.
  • They will be sold on a first-come/first-served basis.
  • You will only be allowed to park in the zone purchased.
  • The permit is valid for 6 months. (January – June and July-December)
  • Permits go on sale the first week of  January and July each year.
  • Permit Zones will be strictly enforced during meter enforcement times.
  • Permits are priced according to Zones.
  • Check our News & Events for ON-SALE and RENEWAL dates.

Zone B – ($150) Lightstreet Road/North Street
Zone C – ($210) Diner Tri-Lot
Zone D – ($210) East Pine Ave. Lot
Zone E – ($210) Pine Ave. Lot
Zone F – ($150) Employee Lot (next to St. Columba School)
Zone G – ($210) Library Lot
Zone H – ($175) North Market Street
Zone I – ($175) West Pine Ave. Lot (behind Post Office)
Zone J – ($150) Hoppes Lot




The Bloomsburg Police Department offers permit parking for those individuals living in a Resident Permit Parking area.

  • Residential Permits are required in the densely populated areas of town, particularly near Bloomsburg University.
  • There are 2 signs on every block where these permits are required.
  • All areas are enforced all year long.  Check your permit receipt for the days and times of your area’s enforcement.
  • Permits are issued annually at the police department in August.  Enforcement begins September 1st.
  • Number of Permits issued per housing unit:
    2 Vehicle Permits ($10.00 each)
    1 Visitor pass ($20.00 each)
  • All permit sales are non-refundable.
  • Proof of Residency (A signed copy of your lease or current utility bill with your name & town address), vehicle registration, and photo ID are required.
  • Permits are not transferable.
  • Lost Permit Replacement fee: $35.00
  • This permit allows you to park on the street(s) in the area designated on your receipt. Please read your receipt carefully so that you know where you are permitted to park.  The rules are stapled to this receipt as well. 
  • Make sure the permit is hanging clearly visible at all times, facing out from your rearview mirror while parking in your designated area. If it falls down or you forget to put it up, you will get a ticket and you will be responsible for that ticket.  The fine for No Permit Visible is $40.00.
  • Your license plate is written on the permit, it is only good in that vehicle. If you get a new vehicle or have to borrow a vehicle, you must come to the station with your permit and new registration, and photo ID and we will update your permit. The visitor pass is valid in any vehicle.
  • STREET MAINTENANCE:   You must not park during the day and at times listed on the signs on your block.   When you move your car on these days, you must stay in your designated permit area.  The fine for Disregarding No Parking Signs is $40.00.
  • Permits expire on August 31st of every year.  It is the resident’s responsibility to renew by that date.  This is announced on our website, Facebook, Twitter, Crime Watch, and  The Press-Enterprise. 


The Bloomsburg Police Department offers Temporary Parking Permits for
landlords, construction workers, home healthcare providers, and other
individuals providing services in a residential permit area. 

Individuals must provide the following:

  • Name and on-site contact number
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Work location

Not valid in any metered parking space or downtown zones.

Fee: $5.00  per month (cash only)

This permit is only available on a monthly basis only. You must come in each month
and renew your permit if needed.

You must abide by the Street Maintenance signs throughout town.   They inform you of the day and times you may not park on the street.  If not a $40.00 ticket will be levied.



Signs for the day and time are posted on the street.

Please stay out the entire time.

A $40.00 fine will be levied if you do not move.

(All Town streets, including Zone B and Zone H)

January      8-12      22-26

February       5-9   20-23

March     4-8   18-22

April    8-12   22-26

May    6-10   20-24

June      3-7   17-21

July    8-12   22-26

August      5-9   19-23

Sept    3-6   16-20

 (Every week in Oct through the Wednesday before Thanksgiving)

October    1-4  7-11  14-18  21-25  28-31

November   4-8  11-15  18-22  25-27


December   2-6   16-20


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